Let’s Walk this Path Together

We don’t need to journey alone. This is a space where people of open-hearted Christian perspective can walk together to reflect on how spirituality connects to our daily lives.

I explore the spiritual life from a broad perspective, starting with my own formation as a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister and Spiritual Director. I have been deeply informed by Celtic Spirituality as well as Ignatian spiritual practice, and by my experience of being the mother of three young children. As a creator of music and podcasts on the spirituality of the Psalms, I have produced four albums of Celtic Psalms and a podcast called Psalms for the Spirit. Having moved to Northern Ireland in 2007, my spirit longs for ways to speak across religious divides, and to find common ground in our shared spirituality.

See my website for links to my work in spirituality through Spiritual Direction, music, and my podcast.

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May God bless our feet as we walk on the holy ground of our daily lives.

Your fellow traveler,


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Spirituality and the Daily Walk


Kiran Young Wimberly
Presbyterian minister, Spiritual Director, Musician, Podcaster and Writer