The Sheen of September, and a Welcome Video

Monthly Meanderings

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Things are really starting to ramp up around here now that it’s the beginning of September. I don’t know about you, but I love it when the routine of a new school year begins to unfold. I love when I can pack my three vibrant children up in a car, wave them away to their day, and then (finally!) return to a quiet house to get on with my own pursuits. 

September always had a sheen of possibility on it for me. Growing up, I wondered what my teachers would be like, whether my classmates had changed since I’d last seen them, whether there would be a new student who might become a best friend. Sometimes I was that new student, walking into those hallways that smelled like fresh paint, stomach fluttering with butterflies, a timid but hopeful smile on my face. No matter what the circumstances, September always filled me with a yearning to learn and grow, to be challenged and stretched. I was so done with the lazy days of summer and felt ready to apply myself.

Of course, this feeling never lasted forever. By November I would have something different to say about my oppressive school routine. But September… September brimmed with possibility. 

Last September I was a bit more wary than usual because of the looming uncertainties of COVID. The vaccine hadn’t been developed yet and I had an ominous sense about the future. 

I know, I know. Things aren’t much different now. We do have the vaccine, but variants are still spreading, climate change is doing scary things, and there is a looming refugee crisis. There will always be ominous threats in this world. Every single September, we will have cause to worry, fear, or even despair. 

But the sheen of September shines through all that, for me, this year. The possibility of what’s ahead glows brighter than the heavy news we receive every day. The future stretches before me – before us – and I’m excited to learn and grow, to be challenged and stretched. 

I hope there’s a sheen of possibility this September for you, too. 


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Something I’m starting this September is a new series with the Bless My Feet membership community on “Spiritual Practices for Resilience.” I’ll be sending out weekly posts with suggested practices, and if you’d like to join in, follow the link below to find out more. For the past year and a half I’ve been fascinated by the connections between spirituality and resilience, and I’ll be exploring different practices that we can incorporate into our daily lives in order to stay in that “resilient zone” (listen to this to learn more about what that means) as much as possible, regardless of what lies ahead for us this year. 

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There’s also a delightful online mini retreat on 18th September with Paul Hutchinson (my guest on podcast Ep. 11) coming up, which you can be a part of wherever you are in the world. So far we have people in three time zones! Maybe you could add a fourth? We’ll be taking time to reflect on how we might “Sing a New Song” this September… as we open this new chapter, wherever we are in life.

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Ponderings for Your Path

  • Do you have any memories, positive or negative, of Septembers in your past? What sort of emotions does September conjure up within you? They could be totally different for you than they are for me! I’d love to hear if you’d be willing to share in the comments my clicking on the link below.

  • How do you feel going into September this year? Are you hopeful or wary, or a mixture of both, or would another word capture it better?

  • Whether or not this September feels different to you than other months (perhaps your life doesn’t revolve around the school year, like mine does!) can you think of any ways September offers you a new possibility? What might unfold for you this month, and in the months ahead?

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Looking at What’s Ahead

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There’s a lot coming up that I’m excited about. I hope I’ll be able to connect with you in one or many of these ways.

  • 18th September Online mini retreat with Paul Hutchinson - book here

  • Bless My Feet series on Spiritual Practices for Resilience - become a member here

  • 19-21 November in person retreat at Corrymeela - find out more here or email me at Deposits of £50 due on Friday 24th September, £130 due Friday 22nd October

  • New Celtic Psalms album in the works - preorder here. If you’d like to be among the churches hosting a virtual concert, contact me at

  • Spiritual Direction - find out more about what this means here. I’d love to walk alongside you on your journey

  • Turas Pilgrimage in Ireland October 2023 - find out more here

Blessing for our Journey

May the God who sends rays of light

into a darkening world

shine rays of light

into our hearts today.

As distressing news

and ominous threats

and uncertain futures loom,

may the sheen of hope

shine brighter

and stronger

and clearer,

casting a warm and inviting glow

on the days ahead.